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SAVI was formed by a family who had experienced sexual assault to a child and the subsequent legal process that followed (without any support).  

Despite many organisations offering help such as counselling after a case has been held in court helping in the pre-trial stage is largley taboo.  However, in cases such as the one encountered by SAVI's founding members cases can often take over a year before a trial diet is held in court. 

Our founders case was succesful in court in that the perpetrator was convicted and sentanced to 9 years in Custody, along with 3 further years supervision and the rest of his life on the sex offenders register.

However, especially for a child, a year with no support and advice whilst coming to terms with such an incident can be a long and ardourous prospect. 

Understanding the legal process and what is expected of witnesses and others involved in prosecuting such a case can also be daunting not only to a child or young person but to thier parent/carers and even thier siblings.

It is the trials and tribulations encountered throughout this waiting time that the victim and her family were left totally alone.  No services generic or specific were avalaible for help.

It is this gap in support services that SAVI was established to fill

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