SAVI Kids 'There for them'

Supporting children, youths & families

How can SAVI help?

It is SAVI's aim to help by:

  • Offering one to one support to children, youths, vulnerable adults and their families
  • Providing a 24hr helpline 
  • Acting as an information point for legal, medical and psychological aspects that may arise through this time.

  • Offering access to relaxation /coping techniques and other appropriate therapies for recovery
  • Providing Buddying/accompaniment through legal, medical processes 
  • Supporting the children/youths & parents/carers thereof in such a way that will not contaminate any testimonial/evidence relevant to a forthcoming trial
  • offering information & referral if applicable to other relevant support not provided by SAVI
SAVI's secondary aims are to:
  • Reduce secondary victimisation via  
    • raising awareness of issue generally
    • Offering training and talks to any organisation likely to have contact with children/youths
    • Undertaking research that will further understanding of the issue generally and models of support

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